About CESS

CESS Mission

To promote the highest standards of care, education, and research in the area of stuttering and cluttering among speech and language therapists in order to improve the quality of life for individuals who stutter and clutter.

CESS Board

The CESS board is elected by the ECSF consortium for a term of three years and is responsible for reviewing and certifying applicants, maintaining and publishing an official register of Certified European Stuttering Specialists. The CESS board shall meet on a regular basis and publish an annual report.

Mark Pertijs (Treasurer) m.pertijs@gbrzorg.nl

Mark Pertijs

Elaine Kelman (Chair) elainekelman@nhs.net

Elaine Kelman

Kurt Eggers (Secretary) kurt.eggers@thomasmore.be

Kurt Eggers

CESS Regulations