British Stammering Association

The British Stammering Association has always been of the view that while many pre-school children who stammer can be supported by a generalist Speech and Language Therapist (as long as these have access to a specialist in stammering for support and advice), any person who stammers from school-age upwards requires specialist intervention to support them in the impact that stammering can have on their education, their emotional well-being, their social inclusion and their mental health.

At a time when specialism in the National Health Service is becoming harder and harder to sustain, a recognised route to becoming a certified, recognised fluency specialist is one important aspect in our battle to defend our field from ever encroaching cuts in therapy services.

It also serve as an assurance for clients, both adults who stammer and parents of stammering children who are seeking support to know there is a recognised certificate which means they or their child will receive the best support possible.

We are delighted to see this new initiative which will offer an opportunity for therapists across Europe to improve their skill and seek certification while at the same time learn from each other.


Norbert Lieckfeldt,
British Stammering Association