Webinar April 26th 2023: Joseph Agius

Prescribing humor and creativity in the SLP workplace

Abstract: The aim of this presentation is to help participants gain an interest in ‘making the right impression’ and being an effective communicator. The pillars of effective communication which help us deal and communicate better with relatives, friends and other colleagues are discussed. The most creative aspect of language is humor and it is one of the most important topics in the study of communication. Another aim of this presentation is to help participants understand how to use humor and creativity in the speech language therapy workplace. Humor can activate one of the most powerful means available to you for dealing with daily life stress- your sense of humor! 

Bio: Dr. Joseph G. Agius is a Registered European Fluency Specialist and Speech Language Pathologist with special interest in fluency disorders and humour research. He is Executive Practitioner Speech Language Pathologist with the Ministry of Health, Malta. He is author of the iOS application ‘Fluency SIS’ – Smart Intervention Strategy for school age children who stutter.