Webinar June 13th 2023: Janet Beilby

Building a resilience component in the treatment of children who stutter

Abstract: Janet has found children with more severe stuttered speech to have self-regulation behavioural challenges extending beyond their speech fluency. They are taxed by demands in their environment that outweigh their management capacities.  

Janet will share the results of a large-scale clinical trial that successfully taught caregivers to improve their children’s behavioural self-regulation which resulted in improved resilience overall. These children compared to controls, achieved fluency and self-regulation skills in a third less clinical hours, and maintained these fluency and behavioural gains over time. Janet is delighted to present her new clinical research of integrated treatments for early stuttering disorders.

Bio: Associate Professor Janet Beilby is a renown clinical researcher of fluency disorders. She has treated thousands of people who stutter and been awarded grants totally over half a million dollars. She is part of an international genetics consortium and her clinical trials have helped change the nature of early interventions.