Webinar June 29 2020: Kevin Fower

Working with school-aged children who stammer

This webinar will aim to increase speech and language therapists’ knowledge and understanding of assessing and working with primary school-aged children who stammer and their families. It will outline key components of therapy such as the role of parents and the environment, confidence-building and managing emotional reactions to stammering, and the importance of communication skills, praise, and being able to identify strengths. It will also describe how Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy can be used to facilitate assessment and therapy, highlighting the importance of the therapeutic relationship and joint decision-making

Kevin Fower has worked at the Michael Palin Centre since 2009. Kevin’s current role includes clinical work with children, young people, and adults who stammer. He is involved in the international training programme, having taught MPC training courses in Sweden, Norway, Turkey, and across the UK. In 2016 Kevin completed a Research Masters in Human Communication Disorders at University College London, passing with distinction. He is involved in the Centre’s research programme including as lead author on a multiple single case study which focuses on change following group therapy for 10 to 14 year olds. Kevin has presented at a number of international conferences including in Spain, Japan, and the UK. He is currently Chair of the UK’s Clinical Excellence Network for Dysfluency.