Webinar June 29 2021: Selma Saad

Multilingualism and stuttering

Abstract: Our insight in the frequency and types of the disfluencies of bilingual children who do and do not stutter is limited, because research has primarily focused on monolinguals. Recently, many studies have been carried out including children with different language dyads to better understand the interlinguistic characteristics that can distinguish bilingual children who do and do not stutter from their monolingual peers. This should lead to a better identification of stuttering in bilinguals. This webinar will include a presentation of the theoretical background related to this topic and some preliminary findings of a research project carried out in Lebanon. 

Speaker: Selma Saad Merouwe is a Slovak-Lebanese SLP and an ECSF graduate. She is a lecturer in fluency and language disorders at Saint-Joseph University of Beirut and a PhD student at both Turku University (Finland) and Saint-Joseph University. In her clinical practice and research, she focuses on stuttering and cluttering and bilingualism.