Webinar Nov 12 2019: Veerle Waelkens

Taster Mini-KIDS: Working directly with stuttering behavior of (very) young children (2-6 years)

Systematic reviews indicate that direct interventions for young children who stutter, are effective. Recent knowledge about recovery and persistence needs to be involved in our clinical reasoning considering monitoring, counseling and intervention. Indication for direct intervention is discussed during this webinar. 
Mini-KIDS is a specific, multifactorial approach to empower parents and (very) young children in daring to stutter and being able to stutter. Parents act as an important model for their child. The direct aspect of empowering children to modify the moment of stuttering is not contradictory to allowing the stuttering and daring to stutter. This paradox will be tackled during the webinar. You will be invited to build up your own clinical reasoning and reference framework.
There will be time (10’) at the end for Q&A.

Veerle Waelkens graduated in 1989 and specialized in two domains: stuttering and cluttering and childhood apraxia of speech. She has been working in a multidisciplinary center for 16 years and since 2005 in her own private practice. Many clients have nourished her passion and clinical reasoning. Through teaching at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences and as a staff member of the European Clinical Specialization Course on Stuttering and Cluttering (and European fluency specialist), she can share this passion with others.